Woodworking Project Ideas – DIY Scrap Wood Cake Box

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Materials & Tools:

¾” plywood scraps (or ¼ sheet if you don’t have scraps)

¼” plywood scraps (or a 2ftx2ft sheet if you don’t have scraps)

Plastic Paper Protector Sleeve

Clear Tape


Wood Glue

Tape Measure

Table Saw

Hammer and nails or nail gun


Jig Saw

Wood Finish (I just used Polycrylic)

Step 1: Cut Pieces to Size

First, cut your ¾” scrap plywood pieces as shown in the picture below. The bottom piece is 12”x12 ¾”, two side pieces are 9 3/8”x 13 ¼”, and the back piece is 9 3/8”x12”.

These pieces will “fold up” to make the box.

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