Woodworking Ideas: 12 Best Selling Wood Toys

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2. Automobiles. Gosh, where to start with this one? Cars, trucks in all shapes and sizes are a hit with kids. The ones that are made of wood need to be strong and sturdy because you can assume they are going to be put to rough use. That’s actually one of the charms of a woodworking toy.

Wood car toy

Cars and automobiles are one of the most popular toys with children. The same holds true for wood toys as well. Plus the wooden versions have the advantage of being extra strong, durable, safe and long lasting.

It’s a child’s companion everywhere he chooses to take it. Once again, once you have setup the right tools, the work can go pretty fast. There are many techniques of using different materials to keep the cost of the overall project down and yet make it durable. There are many plans available for toy projects online. Do check them out.

3. Planes. Children love aeroplanes. It is the toy that makes their imagination take flight, literally. It’s a good thing that there are some great designs to make aeroplanes out of wood. Bi-planes are a very popular woodworking toy. A wooden plane is simple to make once you get the hang of making its different components, and there are quiet a few, some of them small. It’s good to have some specialised tools when making small wooden toys.

Wood aeroplane

Aeroplanes are another classic toy. I remember as a child I had a light weight wooden glider that would glide beautifully when thrown. They were one of our favourite toys to play with outdoors. Making wooden planes that can fly, on the same principle as the paper ones, is a novel idea for a wooden toy project.

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