Woodworking Ideas: 12 Best Selling Wood Toys

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Tools Needed To Make Wooden Toys

  1. Drill press. A drill press does a very fast job of making accurate holes, and is specially required when the same depth has to made repetitively.
  2. Lathe /  Wood turning tool. Children toys tend to have a lot of curves and round shapes. For example, beads. A wood turning tool will help you do many things fast.
  3. Sander. You will be doing a lot of sanding to get the round corners and make round shapes, for example wheels. Unlike the usual handheld orbital sander, a fixed based sander serves the purpose ideally. What a lot of people do it is build a sander using a standard drill and putting a sanding drum attachment on it.
  4. Band saw. It will be wonderful to have a bad saw around to do the cutting work for you when it comes to cutting out shapes and curves. A hand saw can also get the job done. You will just need more than one kind.

These are the 12 best seller wooden toys for children.

1. Train Set. This is an incredibly popular toy with children. They come in all shapes and sizes and can get ridiculously expensive on one side of the spectrum. However there are plenty of projects that allow you to make wooden train sets that are not overly complicated, and retain just as much appeal to the kids.

Train sets are very popular toys, even with adults. As opposed to the extensive electronic train sets, the solid and simple wooden train sets are ideal for smaller children. Once, you have your setup, you cam roll out the pieces needed to make the trains and carriages relatively easily and quickly.

In fact, if you do this right, you can make a lot is this project quiet fast after you have managed your initial setup. The parts of the train set can be made in one go, for example, lots of wheels, carriage bodies, rails etc. All that remains in the end is the final assembly. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that this is the easiest of toy projects to choose from. It is definitely an intermediary to advanced level project.

However, it is equally rewarding monetarily. And if you do it with the right tools with the proper setup, you will be very pleased with how much simpler it gets. This is one of those toy projects that will benefit a lot from finishing touches like bright and happy coloured components. Use child safe and food safe materials is something that goes without saying.

Note: There are parts of children’s toys that can be common to several different toys. Or the same part is used for different variations of the toy. Wheels, is one such example. Plan out your projects a little in advance so you know how many wheels or other parts you will need and make them together in a batch. This will save a lot of time and effort.

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