Woodworking Ideas: 12 Best Selling Wood Toys

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This is a heady topic to tackle because when it comes to wooden toys, there are just so many great projects to choose from. And new ideas are born every day.

Important Things To Keep In Mind

One of the first things that you need to tackle is the legal requirements for making anything for children under the age of 12 in the United States. There may be other legislations in place where you live, but in the US these laws are governed under the government body called the CPSC, Children’s Product Safety Commission. Every article manufactured for children under the age of 12 needs to furnish a CPC, Children’s Product Certificate.

So what does this mean for making wood toys? It means that you can only use natural mineral oil finishes, for one thing. There are other rules as well, so check them out here. Apparently, there is testing required for each craft that comes around to being rather expensive and is unpractical for any small business to undergo.

However, there are many woodworkers who are selling selling wood toys on Etsy successfully. So there is very likely more to this set of rules. Do ask around and find out. Begin with getting in touch with the CPSC. Getting a professional advice from a CA or a business attorney will be ideal.

Making children’s toys is a wonderful niche for a woodworking business but only if you can work out a profit.

This list of best selling toys covers some of the major and popular categories of wooden toys for children. Many more individual ideas are possible within the realm of each board category. Many different projects and plans and shapes and sizes are possible to make a wonderful variety of each toy, each one unique.

And that’s one of the reasons why children’s toys continues to be a hot selling category of the woodworking crafts.

There are many companies that demand a premium price for wooden toys because they have become somewhat of a novelty, and are popular with parents and for gifting.

When making toys for children, it is good to have some specific tools that make the job easier. Typically, the same tools will come handy no matter which toy you are making. Remember that a lot of the toys you make will not be big projects and most will have small components. So tools that allow you to do accurate work will be appreciated.

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