The 10 Coolest Wooden Cars of All Time

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10.) Chrysler Town & Country woodies

Why it gives us wood: It’s a classic woodie, what more do you want? Of all the woodies, we remember best the big, early station wagons built using wood as it was a cheaper, simpler way of building a full wagon body than using all steel.

Those woodie wagons ended up getting famous for serving as the stereotypical surfer transportation of choice before the days of VW Buses, Dodge vans, and whatever else. Cool as it was to hang out with Jan and Dean, if we had to pick just one woodie to represent them all, we’d go for a stunning old Chrysler Town & Country, from the days when Chrysler was a top luxury brand. We are particularly drawn to the prewar fastback sedans, which themselves played a part in replacing wood with metal. They were the first woodie longroofs to have an all-steel roof.

9.) The Splinter

Why it gives us wood: Built over two years as a grad school project, the Splinter is about the closest the world has come to an all-wood supercar. It never ran, but it had a twin-supercharged 4.6 liter V8 mounted in the middle of an all-wood car.

The real point of the project (other than to finally design a car, said Joe Harmon, the guy who built this thing) was to show off the potential of wood as a construction material. The whole thing is built out of flat, layered sections of wood sandwiched together for strength. It may not be a working vehicle, but it’s an amazing thought exercise on making a really groundbreaking automobile.

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