How to safely and correctly use a circular saw

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A circular saw is a useful piece of equipment to have, along with other essential tools. When used correctly, it can make light work of many projects, whether at a DIY or professional level. It is important, however, that these power tools are used correctly and safely, as misuse can be very dangerous. Have a read through our guide and top tips to ensure you are using your circular saw efficiently.

Knowing your circular saw

Before you use your equipment, it is vital that you have a good understanding of how it is built and what each part is for. Read through the manual and familiarise yourself with the diagram of the saw, listing each part of it.

Correct set-up

Setting up your work area is important when using any piece of machinery. Ensure that the area is cleared of rubbish and other equipment and that any people around you are aware of the work going on.

Using your circular saw

The retracting blade guard is the most important part of the saw, so it is vital that you check it is working before turning anything on. When the saw is not in use, the blade guard will cover the sharp blade to keep it and yourself safe. The cover will retract itself when used, and spring back when you have finished cutting the piece of timber.

Next, check the blade is at the right depth for the material you are working with. The depth adjustment lever is normally at the back of the saw and will control the base plate. By lowering and raising this “foot”, you can expose more of the blade and cut deeper. If the blade is too low, then the blade is more likely to kick back, giving a jagged edge and putting you at risk of injury from the excess blade exposed.

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