How to Make a Wood Soap Molds for Loaves, Slabs, and Blocks Of Soap

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One of the most costly parts of soapmaking is the molds and cutters you use as you grow from making small single batches to wanting to make tons of soap all at once. If the investment of larger molds or silicone molds is off your pocketbook’s radar, you can DIY and build your own wood soap molds very inexpensively.

ANYONE can build these wood soap molds, you don’t have to be a woodworker to do it! I love making these soap molds for many reasons:

  • they come almost completely apart, which makes storing them easy
  • they are hugely versatile, because you can change both the width and length easily
  • they are relatively inexpensive to build, many of the extra costs in building them are optional (like washers and wood glue)
  • they can grow with you, if made properly

What these wood soap molds look like when built and assembled

It is cheaper per mold to build multiple molds at one time. If you are planning on only making one, you will likely spend upwards of $20 to $30 on supplies as smaller wood boards at hardware stores are more expensive and you will have leftover wood. I recently made ten of these molds and the total bill was $55, making each mold a nice and cheap $5.50 each (and a couple hours of time!)

I’ve stuffed as much information in here that I can! I’ve included tips and tricks I’ve learned over the many times of making these. I have also tried to explain the steps in the most approachable way possible. Ready to get started? Let’s go.

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