How to Choose the Right Wetsuit for Scuba Diving

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As with every other piece of a scuba diver’s equipment, the right wetsuit for scuba diving is a very important aspect of having a great dive. For beginner and veteran divers alike, here are some things to look for when purchasing a wetsuit for the first time.

Look for a wetsuit composed of neoprene, a lightweight rubber that will help you retain body heat and give you a little buoyancy. Make sure the material will not allow for flushing, or water flowing through the wetsuit, and that it is made to maintain thermal retention.

Know the conditions in which you will be diving primarily. Choose a wetsuit with a thickness of neoprene based on those conditions. A wetsuit for scuba diving a sunny, shallow reef dive in the Caribbean will be thinner and lighter than a wetsuit for scuba diving the maximum depths of the brisk ocean water. Water temperatures below 50F may even command a drysuit, which requires additional training to use.

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