Five Ways Wood Improves Productivity

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Apart from looking great in the workplace, wood as a material has been found to also improve the productivity of employees. Whether it be the furniture, the flooring, the coasters, or even your pen holder, selecting products made from sustainably sourced, certified wood can have a very real and positive impact on how you work.

Intuitively, it is easy to see how the rich, warm tones of good, solid wood in your everyday surroundings can make you feel better in general, and hence more likely to work efficiently. Plastic, metal and chipboard products, even when incorporated into the workplace, simply do not have the same calming, natural aesthetic of wood.

Perhaps our long history of using and being around this completely natural material has hard-wired our brains into feeling more at ease in its presence. In fact, a recent study distributed by Planet Ark by Planet Ark’s Make it Wood notes that productivity can be increased by up to 15 percent simply by incorporating wood into office design.

Based on the study’s findings, here are six ways wood inspires a healthier wellbeing:

1. Your work satisfaction level is higher

Conducted by Sydney social research firm pollinate, the survey found that around 66 percent of employees in Australia who work indoors spend most of their day in an office. However, employees who worked in offices that have more wood as part of the décor have higher levels of work satisfaction. Job fulfilment and its positive impact on productivity is already well-established — happier people make for more effective workers. And yet, the study shows that around a third of Australian workers are still not satisfied with their working lives.

Just a simple step of surrounding yourself with wood in subtle ways may do a lot to improve your productivity.

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