8 Best Dazzling Driftwood DIY’s For Your Home

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Looking for a new DIY project that’s beautiful and uses some of that stack of driftwood you’ve been hoarding from your summer vacations over the last few years? There’s no denying that the sea-churned wood is beautiful and needs to be turned into something gorgeous for your home and to bring back wonderful summer memories. We’ve rounded up some dazzling driftwood DIY’s the are easy and perfect for bring home that beachy feel.

1. Driftwood Planter

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Driftwood can provide some much needed dimension and texture to your home decor, and it’s a great way to put that treasure you found on the beach to good use! Using a drill and some gorgeous succulents, you can make your own driftwood planter to sit atop your dining room table, a shelf or on a side table to add greenery and personality.

2. Driftwood Garland

driftwood diy


If you’re an avid collector of driftwood, this will be a great DIY to use your collection. A driftwood garland is made by drilling a hole in the center of each piece of wood, then strung up using some sturdy and rustic looking twine or rope. String across a mantle or hang from one end near your front door. It’s a unique and easy DIY that adds so much personality, and puts your collection on display!

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