8 Scuba Accessories Divers Can’t Live Without

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When it comes to dive equipment, your tank and regulator give you air, your mask helps you see, and your fins help you move. They are all essential pieces of equipment for diving. Scuba accessories are “nice-to-have” items but – depending on what diving you plan to do – can be just as important.

So, what are the key accessories every diver should have in their dive bag?

1 Dive slates

Dive slates are underwater writing pads. You can write on them during your dive, and then rub it clean ready for the next dive. When hand signals aren’t enough, slates help divers communicate underwater. They are also handy for fish sightings notes and mapping, as well as for instructors to use as teaching reminders.

2 Clips and lanyards

There are so many types available that we could easily write an entire article on clips and lanyards alone, but in short, they keep your gauges in the places you need to reach them, and your hoses neat and tidy. Use clips to secure your flashlight, your slates, reels, and anything you don’t want to drop during your dive.

3 Spring fin straps

The standard straps that come with many fins can often wear and snap over time through being over-tightened or stepped on. Many divers (especially when wearing gloves) find it tricky to adjust the strap and ensure it’s locked in securely. Spring fin straps combat this issue as the springy strap can simply be pulled over the heel – eliminating the need to fiddle with strap adjustments before every dive.

4 Zip tie wraps 

These are plastic, adjustable ties which fasten with incredible strength. Use them to secure your new comfort mouthpiece on your regulator, or to secure a clip to your gauge. Zip ties are like duct tape for divers – their uses are endless. Make sure you keep a stash of them in your Save-a-Dive Kit.

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