5 Measuring Tools Which Are Essential For Woodworking

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2. The framing square.

When you’re trying to build a cabinet or anything with right angles, a framing square is an essential tool. It’s a critical element for any woodworker. The framing square is also ideal for checking square edges on large pieces and smaller framing squares are useful in tighter spaces. By using a framing square when building furniture you can be sure you won’t have any problems of accuracy when nailing, screwing or stapling the pieces together.

3. The level.

Having a level nearby when building furniture or doing handy work is very useful but it can also be frustrating. The level is a tool designed to measure and point out imperfections. So it can be quite annoying to have to make changes until everything turns out ok but, at the same time, this also means that you will end up creating something perfect. To avoid meltdowns and unnecessary work, use the level as you built your furniture or whatever it is that you’re making.

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