5 Measuring Tools Which Are Essential For Woodworking

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A while ago we made a list with tools that every homeowner should have (12 Tools Every Homeowner Should Have) and it included all sorts of useful things, from the common screwdriver to the power drill. This time we decided to focus more on specifics so we made a list with measuring tools which we find to be essential for woodworking. They are tools that anyone should have and know how to use, whether we’re talking about a DIY passionate or someone that builds furniture from scratch.

1. The tape measure.

This very simple measuring tool is something that anyone probably already has in their homes. It’s such a basic tool that anyone could have guessed it would be in the list. For woodworking, it would be best to have one measuring tape that you use all the time. That’s because very small but important discrepancies can occur in the case of different tapes.

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