17 Worst Ways to Ruin Your Woodworking Project

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Nobody talks about the ways you can ruin your woodworking project, but knowing what not to do is just as valuable as knowing what you need to do. Most of my tips and tricks for woodworking and guitar making focus on methods that you can use to enhance your projects and finishes.

Today, we will take a look at things you should avoid. These will seem like common woodworking practice for those with experience, but for newer woodworkers, it will be very helpful.

I wish I knew all the things I know now about woodworking when I started. The journey has been fun, but I can think of several dozen woodworking projects that would have turned out far better. That being said, learning is part of the process, and the more time you spend woodworking and wood finishing, the better you will become.

Here is what you need to avoid in order to prevent ruining your project:

  • Not having a plan, or at least a loose plan before beginning.
  • Using wood that is wet, or not completely acclimated to the environment.
  • Selecting boards that have defects, or other structural issues.
  • Not selecting the right type of lumber for your tools.
  • Joining pieces that are not square, and having edges that are not straight.
  • Drowning your project in glue.
  • Using the wrong adhesive for the job.
  • Not clamping the pieces together well after gluing, and removing them too soon.
  • Not paying attention to the grain direction when building.
  • Using the wrong species for a specific project. (humidor, tobacco pipe, guitar top, etc.)
  • Thinking that brad nails are just as good as real nails.
  • Neglecting to fill gaps or areas with voids and imperfections.
  • Rushing through the build to get to the next step.
  • Not fully inspecting and sanding the project before finishing.
  • Using product that is old, or has been stored poorly.
  • Not allowing the finish to cure completely before handling the piece.
  • Forgetting about the last 10%.
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