10 Ways To Finish Wood Naturally

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Woodworking is an age-old art that seems to be having a resurgence of late – but with a renewed focus on natural stains and finishes. Because who wants to eat cheese off of a serving board that was finished with toxic ingredients?! So today we’re sharing ten different natural stains and finishes for you to experiment with.

1. Red Wine – Let’s start with one of my favorite things… wine! Learn how to stain wood a beautiful red color using this tutorial. [Photo: DIY Vintage Chic]

Roundup: 10 Ways To Finish Wood Naturally

2. Coffee – And now, one of my other favorite things! Coffee also gives wood a beautiful finish… learn how to do it here. [Photo: What Else Michelle]

Roundup: 10 Ways To Finish Wood Naturally

3. Coconut Oil – Here is yet another use for this versatile natural oil. Read more about finishing wood with coconut oil here. [Photo: Huffington Post]
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